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Complete Line of Services for Bridal Gowns

Bridal Tailoring

Bridal Solutions specializes in re-sizing,

re-designing, and alterations!

We are a service company dedicated to the needs of all Brides. Our professional experts have over 25 years of experience, and we aim to please!

So many of our Brides come to us because they just can't find exactly what they want. Sometimes, they need to size their dresses up or down. Some have come wanting to add sleeves, or perhaps a small bolero, jacket, or a wrap to finish out the look they want. Still others may want a different hem line or changes made to a bustier or petticoat. We have added belts and beads and linings and padding, as well as, colors and accents!

We have created both French and American bustles unique to every individual gown. Our quality of service is guaranteed and finished on time, always!

We are conveniently located in Valley Village, on the corner of Riverside Drive and Laurel Canyon Boulevard. Come and see us so that we can satisfy your distinct style, needs, and preferences!!

Services Include:

◎ Bustles

◎ Hems

◎ Seams

◎ Shoulders

◎ Zippers

◎ Pads

◎ Straps

Anything you need, we can do it!

Bridal Tailoring | Bridal Consignment

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